Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Group Work

I think pairwork and groupwork urge students to think about tasks individually more than general class.When I was junior high school student, teacher often made us do group work, especially in English class.

We have to communicate the others doing pair work and group work so it is convenient for improving Ebglish communication ability.And everyone has tasks, doing pairwork and groupwork.

But it has some problems.So We have to heed some points, when we doing it.

I think pairwork and groupwork can enjoy studying and it is easy for most students to speak more than general class.Then, it is possible that students who could understand well teach other students.However, if the number of studnts in group is too many, some students start doing irrelevant things.

So it is important that teachers instract students clearly what shoul they do.And if they make students do groupwork, they have to think right the number of students in group.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger JH said...

Very interesting, but could you be a little clearer as to what the problems with group work are?
For example, you can write:
Group work has the following problems:
Teachers can work around these problems by .....


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