Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Japanese Junior High School

Teachers shoulder life of a lot of students and they play an important role in our life.Then who are good teachers or what are necessary factor to become teacher.Mr.M who are junior high school teacher in Morioka talked to us about some hint of such questions.

First,greeting is very important in daily life.It is fundamental for everyone and makes us jolly.It will perhaps set off understanding each other.

Secondly, counting backward from goal is essential.If we dicide the goal,we could know what should we do at that point.Predicting future of students is not so easy but profit teaching plan.

In a class,teachers must not give students idle minutes.If students have moderate task that should they do,they will don't have free time.Then they must have broad knowledge of special subject.It will help to bring out interest of students for learning.And Japanese students is usually diffident so It is important to make mood they can speak.

Teachers must do a lot of hardworking to improve myself but if they so,students will be able to benefit from them.A teacher is difficult work but full of pleasure.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger 13 Weeks said...

Hi, I agree that teaching is hard work but it is very rewarding!! I am an ALT in Iwate and I always have fun with my students. I think teaching is a great career and I wish you good luck!!

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Steve Jang said...

Hi! I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I read your post and agree with Mr. M that "teachers must not give students idle minutes." Teachers should always keep their students' minds busy. Make sure they have tasks to perform when they're not listening to your explanations. That is one method of a good teacher.

And you are also right when you said that "A teacher is difficult work but full of pleasure." To see the students grow in their English ability is indeed very rewarding.

Good luck with your teacher training!


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